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Dialogue of the Present and Future Leaders

On February 27th, 2013, International Association of Corporate Education held an event in the Rosatom Corporate Academy, entirely composed of formats as yet rare on Russian educational market-Open Space, World Café and Fresh Vision. Strategic Session "Dialogue of the Present and Future Leaders" brought together representatives of companies from different market sectors, as well as federal agencies, NGOs, and educational institutions.

During the first part of the event representatives of the largest Russian companies "visited" "market of ideas": each participant had to suggest a topic (and then vote for what feels "closer" or more interesting) relevant and in demand today in society and business. It was a real "fair"... where various proposals were voiced-from the specific features of education system to nurturing responsible behavior in themselves and others. And somewhere in-between, as a constant letmotif, was the subject of corporate values which proved relevant to a substantial part of the community.

And then, just like in a detective novel with multiple storylines, the action has continued to gain momentum: all participants of the event were divided into teams according to topic preferences and started team brainstorming.

Discussions were supposed to supposed to result in development actual project with timing, participants, personal responsibility, ie with all the components required for project. implementation.

As a result of the 5 'tables' presented 3 projects (2 'tables' with similar themes were merged). Thus, the outcome was as follows:

  • 'Table' #4 + 'table' #1: "Success School (Leaders of Life)" (program of accumulation of experience, networking, creation of a youth movement);
  • 'Table' #2 + 'table' #3: "Common System of Values of the Present and Future Leaders" (national idea, values);
  • "Table" #5: formation of the assessment center and selection of additional leader training for the needs of the company (definition of a leader: a joint order of company/university); process of involving stakeholders into the project, designing tools for selection and evaluation, and programs (additional training, leadership development).

Curiously enough, many of the participants of the event focused on values again and again (at different levels, in different formats). Head of SIA Sustainable Development Group Svetlana Epikhina remarked, "We have come to a level where it became necessary to create value philosophy."

Each of the projects is the first step, a sketch on the way to realization, as later on each of the groups interested in the project, will meet again-this time for the detailed study of its proposal aimed at resolving business issues.

At the very beginning of the event, all guests had heard and read the motto: "Whoever comes, it's the right people. Whatever happens is supposed to happen. Whenever it started, it's the right time. When it ends, it ends. Prepare for the unexpected!" This principle will be in the basis of upcoming meetings on the project.

If you are interested in participating in the project "Dialogue of the Present and Future Leaders", please refer to Denis Krivosheev, youth programs manager of the International Association for Corporate Education (+7 (495) 788-37-41; dvk@makonews.ru).

P.S. We invite you to participate in the II Forum of the International Association for Corporate Education "Corporate Values: the Experience of Leaders" (May 21st-22nd, 2013). Details: www.makoforum.ru

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