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On December 5th-8th, 2013, MAKO international community will celebrate the upcoming New Year in the picturesque Alpine foothills. Participants are in for three days of intellectual entertainment, discussions with Russian and foreign colleagues, a trip to the world famous thermal springs and a visit to the most famous Christmas fair in Europe.

The first pre-New Year adventure, a metaphorical game, will help our guests discover personal capacities and resources, look at familiar tasks with new eyes and analyze their values in the field. Participants will search for a mysterious treasure, which, according to the legend, was buried in the nearby woods in the days of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, will solve manifold mysteries, put their skills to test and see the history of Lower Austria come alive.

Next, MAKO delegates and international experts will discuss the bottlenecks of business community: challenges and opportunities of globalization, values in transnational companies, sustainability in companies with adaptive structure. Our guests will not only exchange views on the future of corporations, non-profits and NGOs, but also be able to strengthen business ties with Russian and European counterparts.

After stormy debates the participants will travel to the Austrian hot springs to rest, recover from professional burnout, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and take part seminar on self-motivation and corporate health. In addition, throughout the trip our guests will taste the traditional local cuisine, organic produce of alpine farmers and Austrian wines with the unique flavor palette that has evolved over many centuries.

During the final part of the program, the participants will visit the Christmas fair in

Vienna, which was founded in 1296 and throughout its history has been bearing the title of the most popular fair in Europe, and then they will celebrate the coming New Year in the company of colleagues and associates.

The journey on New Year's Eve will be a chance to discover personal potential, find new opportunities, resources and effective solutions to business issues, discuss challenges of today's corporate world with international experts, network with the leaders of international professional community as well relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the merriest holiday of the year!

Program Details:

  • New Learning Architecture instruments
  • Meetings with European business leaders
  • Treasure Hunt business game

Partner of the Project — Greenwell Center for Business Fitness.

Project Manager: Anna MINAEVA.

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