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MBA in One Day

Date: 2014, open date.

Venue: De Meervaart Theatre (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

In 2014 a delegation of business leaders comprised of representatives of MAKO professional community will head to the Netherlands to participate in the phenomenal international MBA in One Day seminar for the first time. During the course of the 8-hour event the participants will discuss the most important ideas of world experts in business administration, fill the gaps in managerial knowledge and network with the delegates from European and transnational organizations.

To date, the seminar based on works of the classics of business literature (Stephen Covey, Philip Kotler, Ken Blanchard, Michael Porter, Peter Drucker, Henry Minzberg, Jim Collins and other prominent thought leaders) has gathered more than 14 000 participants all over Europe in the last seven years. During the course of 8-hour program the participants will become familiar with world bestsellers which shaped the modern outlook on management, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership and became the core elements of the top MBA courses.

The seminar will be conducted by Ben Tiggelaar, PhD, the outstanding researcher, well-known speaker and author of nationwide bestsellers in management. He has been taking part in the MBA in One Day project for the last 8 years, presenting the core ideas of world experts in business, leadership and management in 8 hours of intensive study.


08:00 High


Greatest hits in management

  • Cherry picking in piles of literature
  • The Guru Matrix©: the best guru for each problem
  • Managing yourself before managing others
  • 7 habits, 8 roles and dozens of practical insights
  • From manager to leader: It’s possible!

Based on Covey, Quinn, Blanchard, Drucker and others.

  • How to build an entrepreneurial and effective organization
  • Becoming and staying excellent
  • Why you should keep reengineering

Based on Mintzberg, Hammer, Buckingham, Peters and others.

  • Core questions on marketing and strategy
  • How do I find a Blue Ocean?
  • From strategy to business model in 9 building blocks

Based on Porter, Kotler, Christensen, Osterwalder and others.

  • Moving from good to great
  • Leading change: 8 crucial steps
  • How the weakest link determines the power of the chain

Based on Collins, Kotler, Kaplan/Norton, Goldratt and others.

17:15 Grand Finale and afterparty.

During the final part each participant will become be granted a certificate and presented with the daily leadership workout — the 10-hour MBA in One Day audio course.

Course Contents:

  • The Ideas of Robert Quinn — About Leadership
  • The Ideas of Tom Peters — About Entrepreneurship
  • The Ideas of Peter Drucker — About Management
  • The Ideas of Philip Kotler — About Marketing
  • The Ideas of Eli Goldratt — About Management
  • The Ideas of Stephen Covey — About Leadership
  • The Ideas of Michael Porter — About Strategy
  • The Ideas of Michael Hammer — About Reengineering
  • The Ideas of Kaplan and Norton — About the Balanced Scorecard
  • The Ideas of Henry Mintzberg — About Management
Stephen R. COVEY, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People': "Ben Tiggelaar deeply cares about the challenges we face in becoming better leaders, in changing our lives and in making a real contribution. Ben's unique talent is his ability to translate sound scientific research into inspirational, practical advice."
Philip KOTLER, marketing authority: "I was very impressed seeing Ben deliver MBA in One Day. I am in favor of more people getting a sense of what it takes to build and manage a business or non-governmental organization."
Ken BLANCHARD, author of 'The One Minute Manager': "Ben Tiggelaar doesn’t just inspire you to Dream, Dare, Do – he also teaches you skills and techniques that can turn your good intentions into reality."


"One just has to be inspired with so many management literature nuggets being handed to you on a plate. … I have rarely seen so many happy faces at the end of a seminar."

"Most of the delegates just couldn't get enough."

"A strong idea in this high-speed world with busy people. … I'd recommend this seminar to people. The presentation was also strong."


Richard KRAMER, G3 Worldwide Mail nv: "I recommend this seminar to any manager who takes their job seriously."

Jaap van der MEULEN, Elster-Instromet NV: "Fantastic experience. It's incredible to see that you can discuss the core of strategy and how to implement it in only one day. Highly recommended!"

L. DIEPEVEEN, PXL: "Why spend 2 years on this?"

Jose van den HAAK, VNU Business Publications: "Perfect refresher for today's business world. Fast with great practical examples."

J. KAMP, Getronics PinkRoccade: "Power boost, perfect and directly applicable summaries."

Richard KRAMER, G3 Worldwide Mail: "In one day fully 'sharp' again. A must for every serious manager."

Daphne CHIN A PAW, Interpolis Financial Services: "High-level roller coaster ride. Fast, diverse and energetic!"

S.M.C. Ngoranoeboen, ASD GroupPartner of the Project: Dutch Association for Corporate Education (NSCU).

For more information and to sign up please contact Anna MINAEVA head of International projects: avm@makonews.ru, (495) 788-37-41

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